Rewiring the minds

In Research on June 15, 2009 at 7:21 am

Tomorrow I will be giving a presentation at the Benelux User Group of Blackboard in Amsterdam. I am presenting a case-study on one particular course that was part of the UFOO projects at the Antwerp University. In 2004 Prof. Dr. N. Vallet decided to change the (traditional) way of teaching her course ‘Organisatie en Management’ and focus on creating a self-directed learning manual + setting up small discussion/debate groups (Face-to-face) simply because an up-to-date management and organization course with more than 600 students required a radical different approach. The online component was designed according to the different needs of learners including compulsory and non-compulsory activities. Therefore, it was decided to provide a set of tools to support the students during their learning path. Each of these tools have different functionalities; each of these tools have different pedagogical, social and technical affordances. Students can decide what/which tools suit their learning style best, for example there is a questionnaire available that helps students decide what tools fit their personal learning style best. Learners who like visual stimulation can choose to go through the videos and PowerPoint presentations, learners with a strong preference for aural learning methods can actively participate in the forum online and the debate groups face-to-face etc.


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