Reflections on Bb Certified Training Programme

In Research on October 28, 2008 at 3:11 pm

Let’s say I am halfway through the Blackboard Certified Training Programme. And yes, I am still having fun. I have been going through models on Training skills, Good Teaching Practises and theories/preferences of adult learners. Through discussions and reading the posts of my fellow participants I learned quite a lot- there are still a lot of Bb tools I need to master.

All excercises and assignments are geared towards fascilitating a F2F lesson on one specific Blackboard tool. I have chosen the sign-up tool mainly because it puts the students in the drivers seat. Also, I could easily relate to connectivism, a learning theory that interests me very much. The title for my lesson is: Divide (yourselves) and rule, here’s the sign-up tool. To prepare for my hand-outs and training plan I had an instructional design model in my mind that is a continuous cycle requiring constant planning, design, development and assessment. In the 50 minute lesson I want to include a short but powerful Powerpoint presentation, a game, a discussion session and a viewlet to introduce the tool itself. It might be a bit too much. I am awaiting feedback from my tutor and peers.
If you what to know more about your own learning preferences check the following sites:
1. The index of learning styles questionnaires
2. DVC Learning style survey
3. The VARK questionnaire
4. The temperament sorter


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