Slow blogging

In Research on October 13, 2008 at 7:32 am

“There’s a bit of magic in the process where wholes become more than the sum of their parts and tools and creativity are melded. No matter how clearly and often I try to explain the value and nuance of blogging, for example, it must be engaged regularly and for a length of time before those lessons become real. It was the same with regular paper journals before and it will be the same when we have cyborg monkey servants in the future. It isn’t luck that these proven models work for some but not for others, it is a product of practice (of the repetitious kind that leads to the Zen kind).”

This is just one quote from a good article on slow blogging. The rest you can read here. If you are interested to read more from Chris Lott you can subscribe to his blog. More interesting male edubloggers you can find here, more female edubloggers here.


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