Best Practices

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2008 at 8:29 am

The University of Antwerp stimulates innovations in education through the UFOO projects. One example is the course of Dr. Walter Van Herck. The ‘Methods and Techniques of Philosophical Research’ course is fully embedded in Blackboard. Now, I want to highlight only one of the features of this e-syllabus: the use of blogs as a means to gather data in a structural way.

Setting up a blog is for the students compulsory…

… ofcourse, the most important thing for researchers is that they are able to track their quotes, thoughts or comments to avoid plagiarism. Therefore, they need to adjust their blog. For example, if you use a blogger blog you go to your Dashboard – Formatting – Post Template. Then, add the following in HTML:






Doing so, you will have adjusted your blog to its purpose: your research. And don’t forget to tag your posts in order to trace them later on when you are writing an essay or article.

Every time you read an interesting book or article, have a genius thought or quote you can keep them in your blog. In no time your lab can become an interesting instrument for your research… and your life. Since these blogs are very personal don’t allow visitors. That way, I cannot show you any examples 🙂


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